The Ebb and Flow of Creativity
Before it even arrived, I knew August was going to bring a creative drought. I could feel it in my bones. I was prepared. That doesn’t mean I liked that it was coming. But I embraced and accepted the reality of it and am now reaping the benefits of my creativity’s return I’ve come to […]

I was doing some reading on creative droughts yesterday (because I'm currenly in one). Most articles on the subject offer advice on what to do to get out of the drought, but this great post by Jenny Shih was the first one I came across that suggested one should embrace it. Taking a break from creative work, she argues, will lead to a flood of creativity once you're done resting. Similarly, Warren Ellis talked briefly in his most recent newsletter about your brain "going fallow-field" from time to time in order to give yourself time to dream up new ideas without the pressure to be productive.

I've been fighting against my drought for the past week, but yesterday evening was the first time I just let it be. I read, I watched some of my favorite streamers, and I chatted with a friend. I started re-reading my manuscript and making some edits, which helped me see that I have not shamed my ancestors (to borrow a phrase from the great Ursula Vernon).

My gut says I have about a week left of drought, but I'm hoping this weekend's jaunt to the Hocking Hills will give me some time to reconnect with writing. Fingers crossed.