Boomtown – An Urban Fantasy Romance Novel

Boomtown – Quick Notes

  • Series: Ars Magica
  • Book: One
  • Genre: Urban Fantasy Romance
  • Publish Date: TBA
  • Tropes: friends-to-lovers, close proximity, second chance, detectives, murder mystery
  • Content Warnings: explicit sex, cops, guns, assault, magical violence
  • Purchase Links: TBA


The last thing I needed was for Danny Ellis to come back into my life.

How I survived the explosion, I’ll never know. I seem to have come out completely unscathed, as if by magic. But that’s the least of my concerns.

Danny Ellis is back in town, and I’m not ready to deal with him coming back into my life, not after he disappeared for three years.

He just waltzes into my detective agency like nothing ever happened, asking about a strange man I’ve never seen before. As his case and mine collide, we’re forced to work together to keep a young woman out of jail for a crime she couldn’t have committed. After all, murder victims can’t die twice, right?

Tangled up in a mess of lies, deceptions, and an increasingly bad headache, the one person I know I can count on is the very person I should hate: Danny Ellis. I can tell my anger towards him is fading fast, replaced by feelings I definitely shouldn’t be having for my dead sister’s fiancé. If only he weren’t so damn charming…

I’m Alex Lane, and my life is about to blow up before my very eyes.

Hopefully, I won’t take Chicago down with me.